Pommery Apanage Prestige

A blend of many different varieties, of different vintages and grape varieties, developed in the course of a lifetime. But Apanage Prestige has emerged resplendent fro this process, perfectly balanced and with all its freshness intact.

Maker: Vranken Pommery

Brand: Champagne Pommery


Region: France.


Bottle Size: 75cl


Pale yellow color and attractive water-green reflections. 

Nose: The nose is well developed and precise, with, as befits it, perfect discretion and distinction. It is not in the least ostentatious, but rather smooth and creamy. This wine opens with aromas of flowers such as lime blossom and also white fruits such as pear, and then moves on to very slightly buttery and creamy notes reminiscent of pastries. 


This wine caresses the palate like a whisper of breath. The wine is round, with no harsh edges. All its aromas reflect the flavors they announce and combine to produce a subtly delicate deliciousness. The dominant tone of this unusually complex blend is one of elegance. 

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