In 2017, Rozès started the transition to organic farming, with around 20ha of vines. Our commitment is to gradually increase this area.

In this sense, seeking to respect the environmental balance, the use of herbicides, pesticides, and other phytosanitary products has been gradually eliminated, paving the way for a more sustainable agriculture. 

The first wines to be born from this organic practice were the PDO Douro wines Terras do Grifo Branco 2021 BIO and Terras do Grifo Rosé 2021 BIO, also designed in harmony with sustainability, featuring recyclable paper labels and the great innovation of the Portuguese organic wine market: the absence of a capsule, in order to reduce our ecological footprint, while giving a natural image and “extracted directly from the earth” ideia. Finally, this new range uses a cork stopper that in its composition, besides cork, contains a beeswax emulsion and a 100% vegetable paste.

Our Quinta do Monsul also has 118 photovoltaic solar panels, enabling the production of clean and renewable energy while reducing our ecological footprint.