A company of the Vranken Pommery Monopole Group since 1999, Rozès has a secular history linked to the Douro, having been the first group to settle in the Douro Demarcated Region, Rozès has been consolidating its presence in the national and international markets by introducing the vineyards to the aging and bottling of the wines should be highlighted. 

Established in Bordeaux in 1855 by Ostende Rozès, a fine wine dealer from that city, Rozès began importing and trading Port Wine. In the next generation, the son of the founder, Edmond Rozés, was the great promoter of the development and reputation of the company and its Port wines. Around the 1930s, Edmond created the "Porto Rozès" brand selecting at the same time a bottle shape that would simultaneously identify the brand and the Port wine. This selection resulted in an "old school Portuguese" bottle, with a bottleneck wrapped in sulphurous paper and a cork sealed with wax. 

Thus, Port wines assumed such a distinctive and charismatic identify and rapidly gained the status of quality wines. 

After more than one hundred years and four generations later in 1977, Casa Rozès ceased to belong to the family that gave it its name. 

Presently, the Rozès brand exports to more than 40 countries worldwide having as main markets France, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia. It is the only brand of Port Wine that offers two completely different ranges: the tradition representes by the Rozès Classic Ports brand and the innovation represented by the Rozès Colours Collection brand. 

The wines of the Vranken Pommery Monopole group are sold in Portugal by Rozès, namely its Champagnes, and have been conquering visibility due to the quality and innovation of its wines and respective packaging.


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