Vranken Pommery Group

The Vranken Pommery Group is based at Maison Pommery. Built in 1868 by Madame Pommery who wanted it to convey modernity and extravaganza, it is a magnificent castle in the heart of the city of Reims, Champagne. The Pommery Cellars have 18km of corridors housing around 20 million bottles, 30 meters below ground, at a 10ºC temperature. The Domaine Pommery has a 55 hectares area and receives annually approximately 66,000 visitors from all over the world. 

Brief Chronology

1976 Vranken was founded by M. Paul-François Vranken 

1988 The Group arrives in Portugal through the establishment of São Pedro das Águias, at the Douro Valley, the first house of the sector to produce and bottle from its source site. 

1999 The Group consolidates its presence in Portugal by buying Porto Rozès with cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia.

2002 The Group buys the magnificent Maison Pommery conquering the 2nd place among the world's Maisons de Champagne.

With the acquisition of Pommery, the group also became owner of the following brands: 

2003 The Group invests. once more in Portugal through the acquisition of Quinta do Grifo, in Barca de Alva, Upper Dourom known by the quality of its DOC Douro wines. 

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